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I have done several loans with A Plus Funding over several years from refinance to new investment purchase loans and it remains the same super easy and professional, I feel more like I am dealing with a family member. Everything makes sense goes smoothly. I have done FHA, Conventional, Refinance and Investment purchase loans and I am just an average guy that is a Truck driver with average income and credit. 1st loan was a simple refinance loan on my personnel home 4 years ago. Today I now own a Four unit apartment in Apple Valley and I now own 3 rental houses in Barstow Ca. I am still just a truck driver, but now with all my rental income I am about to quit my job soon and go do my dream Job since all my bills are paid and I no longer have to work.

My 1st loan the refinance was I had a foreclosure on my record and had a divorce with a court order to refinance my ex wife off the loan and had been turned down by four other lenders even though I had average credit and average income as a truck driver. A Plus Funding helped me to change my life dramatically. So obviously I can never repay A Plus Funding for helping me. Funny thing is Mohamed said he was only doing his job and loves to help people and families grow and most of them become become his friends. I no longer have an average life.

I highly recommend A Plus Funding.

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